Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guess who's back?!

After a little break from WoW, I'm back and ganking away... More to come.

~ Esteevee

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So I am rolling around and end up in Southshore which is being raided to no end by ten 70's just laying waste to the spot. I hang out a bit just watching and see them killing guards and the Flight Master and this goes on and on for like 15 min. Just plain pornographic slaughter. I see Alliance begging for help, and a few 70's on our side roll up to help only to join the slaughtered at the grave site.

Nothing I could do... I just had to wait it out. Until I got fed up. I went on my own little rampage. I went throughout that zone and neighboring ones to do my own little form of revenge... I even took out one of their trainers in retaliation for the innocent slaughter of our Flight Master. Any ways enjoy...


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Esteevee (49) vs Söulthief (45) [dumbass] + Morak (62)

So I'm leveling my Lockpicking up (cause I was stuck at 170 FOR-E-V-E-R!!!) and saw this level 45 horde Rogue (söulthief) and I know he saw me. I gave him a pass since he was in combat and it was obvious he was there for the same reason as me...

I went into another room and accidentally pulled a 3-mob and he ran up. I figured "Hey he might actually help me out" so i didn't turn to attack him. That's when he started banking on me. I ran out and tried to escape and even netted him, but it was too late. He nailed me.

I ran back, healed up and hunted his ass down. I nailed him, and waited around. I know, I know, I said I don't camp... Well this dude pissed me off. So when he came back I jumped his ass again after I ALLOWED him to heal up.

I figured one more for the principle of it to let him know he really fucked up by starting the gank war, and right when I had him in the corner I GET NAILED!!!! I guess he called his boyfriend Morak to come and save his punk ass.

I ran back, and just hovered near my body and waited patiently for my opportunity. I guess they figured I left cause Morak got caught slippin and left his boyfriend vulnerable. When I saw the time was right I rezzed in and jumped the shit out of söulthief. He died and I bailed out before Mr. Morak could do jack...So yeah in the event you two losers come across this, HA!!!!!!


Hey Morak... What happened? Fell asleep at the keyboard? U FAIL!

Out... Esteevee

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I HATE Frackin premades....

So yeah I hit 48 and started doing BGs like crazy and was enjoying myself, until I hit this BG with a HORDE PREMADE. OMG, let's just say it was frackin' QWNage (yes a whole letter above PWNage) Just look at the kills I had... THREE!!!! only THREE!!!! I average 25-35 normally, but everytime I would get nice and deep on a target, two would come to his aid and would DESTROY me.

I have never been so damn frustrated in my life. I think I yelled at the screen a couple of times and almost vowed to quit the damn game...

LOL, anyways I've only been in three or four battles where it close to being this bad. Just wanted to share my pain.

= (

~ Esteevee

Esteevee (44) vs Hottoheal (45) [gratz on hitting 46 since then]

Rolling around Tanaris, and spotted a Druid named Hottoheal questing and nailed him on the run by. (Granted he was hurt a bit...) but I had just gotten nailed by a couple ??s and was grumpy. I hit him and kept going. Nothing personal...

Thanks Hottoheal!

Perfect Example of Alt Ganking (44 vs 41 and 44 vs 70)

So I was in STV (Big surprise there right?) and saw this Rogue named Hammys ganking away at the lowbs... I decided to jump in and help. I took him out pretty easy and then asked how long he'd been down there. One guy said he'd been ganked at least 4 times by him.

I was interrupted by Hammys trying to sneak up on me, and I blinded him, vanished and then ambushed and killed him. WTF? He wasn't actually trying to win a non-winnable situation was he? Did he have some kind of warped suicidal trip. I was going to leave him alone and head on my merry way when suddenly he showed up...

A 70 Hunter named Hammyyo showed up and rained hell on me. I can surmise because of the close relationship of names and the fact that Hammys wasn't there the same time as Hammyyo that, this was the same player. I could've got Goodwyn my 70 Warrior, but being that he is geared for Prot spec, I would have gotten owned. So I waited and the hunter would vanish and then the little Rogue would pop back and I would wait for a while and Gank the shit outta him.

Sure enough the hunter would pop back and I would go and hide. I'd wait and after a while he would feel safe that i wasn't there and we would do the dance all over again. After a couple more times a small army of horde showed up... Could be just a raid group, or, it could be that Esteevee is getting to be a little notorious, because I recognized a couple of 40s in the group from past ganks.

In any event, I felt it was a good time to exit stage left, and I bailed....

Good times.

Friday, May 2, 2008

EsTeeVee (45 Rogue) vs Enumaelish (26 Rogue)

I was in Booty Bay and saw Enumaelish and a Paly (Didn't screen shot him [note: I will strive to do better picture taking]) and was thinking... (I wonder if I can kill her before the guards get me...)


I had to make sure it wasn't a fluke, so I did it again, as well as the Paly (who escaped twice from me, but I got him twice...)

I know, I know... Why a 26? Well, shit I was getting nailed by 60's and 70's FOREVER... So it's kinda a round about payback.

Anyways thank you Enumaelish, and hope there's no hard feelings (Feel free to jump me with some friends!) LOL

~ Esteevee

EsTeeVee (45 Rogue) vs Beauveen (48 Druid) - With Bonus Ninja Action

I was in Booty Bay doing some quests when I came across Beauveen (48 Druid) nailing some Naga. I stealthed in behind him and Ambushed him. I hit again with a backstab as he started to run... (He was already hurt from fighting the mobs when I came across him so he was hurt pretty bad). He took off and took cheetah form and got far enough away from me so I couldn't net him. He jumped off a cliff and hit the water and used his water form (great tactic by the way).

I hit the water and stealthed and tried to sneak up on him (I have a diving helmet equipped all the time so I can breath underwater as well). He was a little ways away and then he healed up. He got out the water and I lost site of him (damn slow ass swimming while stealthed).

I stayed stealthed and searched high and low and finally figured he must have hearthed or just went elsewhere. I decided it was a bad idea to continue questing over in that area since it was likely he mentioned my gank attempt to other horde via general chat so I decided to go to Mokk's quest where you need to do wave after wave of gorillas and then fight the boss Mokk to get his heart.

I wandered around and finally got over to the cave and low and behold who do I see? The same Druid I was chasing earlier. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement at another shot at him. He was doing the quest I was planning on doing and I thought oh well I'll gank em and then head on over to Darkshire or some other location.

I tried to sneak around to his backside and he must have seen me, cause he suddenly stopped fighting the gorilla and turned to face me keeping his sensitive backside away from my hungry dagger.

I went ahead and just launched a full assault on him and the gorilla he was fighting wasn't making life easy for him either. It was a short fight and then it happened. What do I see charging up towards the cave? Mokk himself with his white fur glowing so pretty. I destroyed him, and looted him and got the heart I needed and headed back to Booty Bay. I was skipping and whistling all the way.

I can only imagine how pissed the Druid was! Lol

I would like to say "thank you" to Beauveen for giving me such a memorable night and for helping me complete the Heart of Mokk quest.



First let me explain why I am doing this. I'm on Dunemaul WoW server and joined it because I have some RL friends there who said "Hey come here we can help you" and so i started my main there (Goodwyn). Well I noticed in contested territories i was getting ganked (alot) by very high level characters and often complained. People would say "Well Noob, you ARE ON A PVP server".

I dealt with it all the way up to lvl 70 with Goodwyn (who was always a good target because he's a Protection Spec Warrior).

Recently the Sunwell area opened up and I wanted some of the Daly quests there. Well I got there and saw a sea of RED. Horde. Everywhere I looked there were massive Horde groups. I looked around and found out why. On Dunemaul the Horde to Alliance ratio is something like 8.2 to 1.8 Horde to Alliance. I was getting ganked soooooo bad out there, that I decided to throw the towel in and start a new character.

EsTeeVee was born. A Gnomish Engineering Rogue so cute she's almost sickening. The name is a play off of STV (Stranglethorn Valley) Which is notorious gankfest.

I took my time with her, leveling her with a purpose... I knew when I entered my first set of Battleground with her at 38 that she was gonna be something else. Let's say I finally found a class that was perfect for me.

It was around this time, that I also started her down the dark path of Ganking. Now don't get me wrong. I will gank ANY Horde that I think I can take out. And I will do anything to win. But I don't like camping. In fact I HATE camping and will only do it, if someone was being a complete asshole. I gank and move on. Nothing personal (Yet).

So in conclusion I am a product of the game environment and tried to be mellow, but after being ganked over 500 times, I finally just gave in. Besides, I AM on a PVP Server.