Friday, May 2, 2008

EsTeeVee (45 Rogue) vs Beauveen (48 Druid) - With Bonus Ninja Action

I was in Booty Bay doing some quests when I came across Beauveen (48 Druid) nailing some Naga. I stealthed in behind him and Ambushed him. I hit again with a backstab as he started to run... (He was already hurt from fighting the mobs when I came across him so he was hurt pretty bad). He took off and took cheetah form and got far enough away from me so I couldn't net him. He jumped off a cliff and hit the water and used his water form (great tactic by the way).

I hit the water and stealthed and tried to sneak up on him (I have a diving helmet equipped all the time so I can breath underwater as well). He was a little ways away and then he healed up. He got out the water and I lost site of him (damn slow ass swimming while stealthed).

I stayed stealthed and searched high and low and finally figured he must have hearthed or just went elsewhere. I decided it was a bad idea to continue questing over in that area since it was likely he mentioned my gank attempt to other horde via general chat so I decided to go to Mokk's quest where you need to do wave after wave of gorillas and then fight the boss Mokk to get his heart.

I wandered around and finally got over to the cave and low and behold who do I see? The same Druid I was chasing earlier. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement at another shot at him. He was doing the quest I was planning on doing and I thought oh well I'll gank em and then head on over to Darkshire or some other location.

I tried to sneak around to his backside and he must have seen me, cause he suddenly stopped fighting the gorilla and turned to face me keeping his sensitive backside away from my hungry dagger.

I went ahead and just launched a full assault on him and the gorilla he was fighting wasn't making life easy for him either. It was a short fight and then it happened. What do I see charging up towards the cave? Mokk himself with his white fur glowing so pretty. I destroyed him, and looted him and got the heart I needed and headed back to Booty Bay. I was skipping and whistling all the way.

I can only imagine how pissed the Druid was! Lol

I would like to say "thank you" to Beauveen for giving me such a memorable night and for helping me complete the Heart of Mokk quest.


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