Friday, May 2, 2008


First let me explain why I am doing this. I'm on Dunemaul WoW server and joined it because I have some RL friends there who said "Hey come here we can help you" and so i started my main there (Goodwyn). Well I noticed in contested territories i was getting ganked (alot) by very high level characters and often complained. People would say "Well Noob, you ARE ON A PVP server".

I dealt with it all the way up to lvl 70 with Goodwyn (who was always a good target because he's a Protection Spec Warrior).

Recently the Sunwell area opened up and I wanted some of the Daly quests there. Well I got there and saw a sea of RED. Horde. Everywhere I looked there were massive Horde groups. I looked around and found out why. On Dunemaul the Horde to Alliance ratio is something like 8.2 to 1.8 Horde to Alliance. I was getting ganked soooooo bad out there, that I decided to throw the towel in and start a new character.

EsTeeVee was born. A Gnomish Engineering Rogue so cute she's almost sickening. The name is a play off of STV (Stranglethorn Valley) Which is notorious gankfest.

I took my time with her, leveling her with a purpose... I knew when I entered my first set of Battleground with her at 38 that she was gonna be something else. Let's say I finally found a class that was perfect for me.

It was around this time, that I also started her down the dark path of Ganking. Now don't get me wrong. I will gank ANY Horde that I think I can take out. And I will do anything to win. But I don't like camping. In fact I HATE camping and will only do it, if someone was being a complete asshole. I gank and move on. Nothing personal (Yet).

So in conclusion I am a product of the game environment and tried to be mellow, but after being ganked over 500 times, I finally just gave in. Besides, I AM on a PVP Server.

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