Thursday, May 15, 2008

Perfect Example of Alt Ganking (44 vs 41 and 44 vs 70)

So I was in STV (Big surprise there right?) and saw this Rogue named Hammys ganking away at the lowbs... I decided to jump in and help. I took him out pretty easy and then asked how long he'd been down there. One guy said he'd been ganked at least 4 times by him.

I was interrupted by Hammys trying to sneak up on me, and I blinded him, vanished and then ambushed and killed him. WTF? He wasn't actually trying to win a non-winnable situation was he? Did he have some kind of warped suicidal trip. I was going to leave him alone and head on my merry way when suddenly he showed up...

A 70 Hunter named Hammyyo showed up and rained hell on me. I can surmise because of the close relationship of names and the fact that Hammys wasn't there the same time as Hammyyo that, this was the same player. I could've got Goodwyn my 70 Warrior, but being that he is geared for Prot spec, I would have gotten owned. So I waited and the hunter would vanish and then the little Rogue would pop back and I would wait for a while and Gank the shit outta him.

Sure enough the hunter would pop back and I would go and hide. I'd wait and after a while he would feel safe that i wasn't there and we would do the dance all over again. After a couple more times a small army of horde showed up... Could be just a raid group, or, it could be that Esteevee is getting to be a little notorious, because I recognized a couple of 40s in the group from past ganks.

In any event, I felt it was a good time to exit stage left, and I bailed....

Good times.

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