Saturday, May 17, 2008

Esteevee (49) vs Söulthief (45) [dumbass] + Morak (62)

So I'm leveling my Lockpicking up (cause I was stuck at 170 FOR-E-V-E-R!!!) and saw this level 45 horde Rogue (söulthief) and I know he saw me. I gave him a pass since he was in combat and it was obvious he was there for the same reason as me...

I went into another room and accidentally pulled a 3-mob and he ran up. I figured "Hey he might actually help me out" so i didn't turn to attack him. That's when he started banking on me. I ran out and tried to escape and even netted him, but it was too late. He nailed me.

I ran back, healed up and hunted his ass down. I nailed him, and waited around. I know, I know, I said I don't camp... Well this dude pissed me off. So when he came back I jumped his ass again after I ALLOWED him to heal up.

I figured one more for the principle of it to let him know he really fucked up by starting the gank war, and right when I had him in the corner I GET NAILED!!!! I guess he called his boyfriend Morak to come and save his punk ass.

I ran back, and just hovered near my body and waited patiently for my opportunity. I guess they figured I left cause Morak got caught slippin and left his boyfriend vulnerable. When I saw the time was right I rezzed in and jumped the shit out of söulthief. He died and I bailed out before Mr. Morak could do jack...So yeah in the event you two losers come across this, HA!!!!!!


Hey Morak... What happened? Fell asleep at the keyboard? U FAIL!

Out... Esteevee

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