Thursday, May 15, 2008

I HATE Frackin premades....

So yeah I hit 48 and started doing BGs like crazy and was enjoying myself, until I hit this BG with a HORDE PREMADE. OMG, let's just say it was frackin' QWNage (yes a whole letter above PWNage) Just look at the kills I had... THREE!!!! only THREE!!!! I average 25-35 normally, but everytime I would get nice and deep on a target, two would come to his aid and would DESTROY me.

I have never been so damn frustrated in my life. I think I yelled at the screen a couple of times and almost vowed to quit the damn game...

LOL, anyways I've only been in three or four battles where it close to being this bad. Just wanted to share my pain.

= (

~ Esteevee

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